For Clients

We know every search is unique, and we therefore tailor each of our searches to meet the client’s specific requirements and budget.  Clients appreciate our flexibility as it relates to pricing as well as messaging their value-add propositions to candidates.  Our desire to understand their needs and culture, combined with rigorous screening of candidates, sets us apart from the rest of the recruiting field.  When it comes to a search, we don’t just post a position.  Instead, we believe in actively recruiting sought-after, highly qualified candidates.  We help our clients identify necessary skill sets and personality traits for their candidate pools.

Through our formation of strategic global partnerships, which can be utilized when appropriate, we are uniquely positioned to assist you in your search for highly qualified candidates, regardless of whether your search is on a local, national or global scale.

Ultimately, we place the best candidates with our clients.  Rather than measuring our success based on how many searches we conduct each year, we gauge our victories by the quality of the searches we run and by how effectively we provide our clients and candidates the attention they deserve.

We follow the (NALSC) National Association of Legal Search Consultants Code of Ethics which includes in part:

  • Assuring that information provided to our clients is the most accurate information known to the search firm.

  • Never withholding candidate information which an employer would reasonably consider essential to its hiring decision.

  • Insuring that confidential information is treated as such throughout the process.

Whether you are contemplating a search that is local or global in nature, let Lighthouse Legal Search guide you.


”I have found Seth to be an experienced and knowledgeable legal professional who is dedicated to meeting the needs and expectations of his clients.”

Samantha Harnett - Vice President and General Counsel at ZipRealty