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Join Our Team

Joining the Lighthouse legal search team means career satisfaction. It means helping your clients and candidates achieve their goals by working hard and giving candid and honest advice.

A career in executive legal recruiting can be financially rewarding, but it is not always guaranteed. We work hard, but most importantly, we enjoy our work.

In fact, it is our belief that when you truly enjoy your work it is no longer a job. If you love what you do every day you will be successful.

Joining the Lighthouse Legal Search team means you believe in helping legal professionals, teamwork and community involvement.

Join us in a culture that embraces diversity, engages employees and fosters innovation, in an industry that rewards performance. Contact Us



”I have consulted with Seth on several occasions regarding searches for in house legal personnel and found him to be insightful as to the factors that predict the likelihood of success. He is thorough in his evaluations of candidates and his friendly personality serves him well in maintaining and expanding his network of contacts.”

Greg Baum - former VP, GC & Secretary of Harsch Investment Corp